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Public Works

       Water & Sewer

         Pay water bills here

       or CALL 1-866-549-1010

        Bureau Code 9657057

The Water Division is responsible for the treatment and distribution of water and the construction and maintenance of the water system within the City.


Need to Apply for a water or sewer connection?

Please fill out the Water & Sewer Application Form below. After completed the request will be sent to us for approval. 

Online Water Application:

Directions for Printing:

1.) Click Sign Now

2.) When document opens right-click and select print.

3.) Print your document


Directions to fill out Online:

1.) Select Sign Now

2.) To start to fill out the document click on the A icon at the top of the page. This icon will let you type text and fill out the fields.

3.) Click the area that you want to fill out and start typing. If you need to move the text just click on it and drag it to where it needs to be. If you make a mistake click on the text and click the trash can icon.

4.) To select on option such as 'reception ___ yes or  ___ no' just simply type an "x" and place it next to the correct answer.

5.) To initial or sign a line click the pencil icon, then click on the line that needs to be signed or initialed and sign. Sign and move it to the correct line. 

6.) When finished click done and yes. The contract will be emailed to us. If you would like feel free to download a copy to keep for yourself. 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Click the icon for more information

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