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Officials, Committees, and City Employees


St. Elmo is a welcoming community filled with hard-working, honest people. Originally built at a railroad junction, our population skyrocketed during the oil boom. Through the many changes we have seen, St. Emo continues to strive to live in the best of both worlds embracing modern technology and the old-fashioned sense of community that many people long for. With jobs in the oil, gas, agricultural, and manufacturing industries and affordable housing we are a great choice for families interested in finding their own hometown.

                                                                                         -Kimberly Baron




City Ordinances and Forms


A complete list of city ordinances, records, and applications.

Police & Fire Department


St. Elmo Police Department

Police Chief: Jeremy Scruggs

Police Sergeant: 



St. Elmo Fire Department

Fire Chief:  Doug Englejohn



Water & Sewer


Online water applicaitons.

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