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The City of St. Elmo is currently accepting bids for the running of the concession stand at Deken Park.  A copy of the “Lease for operation of concession stand at Deken Park 2020” is available at City Hall.

The City of St. Elmo is currently accepting applications for a part time maintenance person for Deken Park.  Must be 16 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license and may be required to work some hours on the weekend.  Applications are available at City Hall.


Deken Park Maintenance

Not to exceed 20 hours per week $11.00 per hour

Equipment (four- wheeler) is in the pavilion sheds at Deken Park.    Let the City crew know when you need gas, etc.   

Get ball diamonds ready for the ball games.  Have them ready at least an hour before the games.(Dragging the field, lining the diamond, having bases set in the right places, mow when needed).   Mower is at the city garage (make arrangement to use it with the city crew)

When it rains we need to try to get the diamond dry so they can play.  If too wet for equipment try to drain the water off and use a rake if it needs it.

Let the city office know if the diamonds are too wet to play and when you need more lime to line the diamonds.

Get with the school or coaches on how they want the diamond laid out. 

Start any time now to get Diamond B ready for girls softball until they have the school diamond ready then mostly summer for little league and T ball.

The City of St. Elmo is currently looking for someone to do janitorial work at both Deken Park and Lake Nellie beginning in April until cold weather sets in.  An application can be obtained at City Hall from 9:00 AM through 4:00 PM, M-F and the city website at https://www.cityofstelmo.com/employment


Deken Park & Lake Nellie Janitor

Not to exceed 3 hours per week $11.00 per hour

Clean good once a week and spot clean the rest unless needed.   Make sure they have toilet paper in each stall. 

Check Lake Nellie bathroom at least once a week. Get supplies from City Hall.  Let the city office know when you need supplies.