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                                                                                 Citizen of the Year Nominations

The Citizen of the Year program is sponsored by the St. Elmo Council and will be judged by an independent panel of judges from the community. Nominations are open to anyone who has made a contribution to the City of St. Elmo, regardless of residency.

Each week a summary from a nomination letter and/or letters will be printed in the St. Elmo Banner. All nominations must include.

1. Name of nominee

2. A neatly written or typed nomination containing the nominee's affiliations, previous awards received, and a letter stating why this nominee should receive the Citizen of the Year Award.

3. Your name (the nominator) and telephone Number, (nominations not including the information will not be considered.

The nominations must be for an individual person, and not a group or organization.

The winner will be announced at the St. Elmo Labor Day Celebration by Mayor Kimberly Baron around 6:30 P.M. on Monday.

Nominations should be mailed to or dropped off at the City of St. Elmo, 411 N. Main St., St. Elmo


Nominees should demonstrate the following characteristics:

1. Demonstrates community pride and leadership.

2. Has given of himself/herself to benefit the community, a charity or organization.

3. Has made a contribution to the welfare and development of the community of St. Elmo and its citizens.

Deadline is August 20, 2021 at noon.

More Information Coming Soon